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This is a Fossil repository for the development of TDBC: TIP 308 describes this package.

Building TDBC.

Kevin's manifests should be signed with GPG key:

pub   1024D/380EF089 2010-03-15 [expires: 2011-03-15]
      Key fingerprint = B2E1 4CCD 6283 9EC9 27B8  CB20 B6AE 7887 380E F089
uid                  Kevin Kenny (Tcl Core Team) <>
sub   2048g/A642B837 2010-03-15 [expires: 2011-03-15]
Earlier releases were signed with:
pub   1024D/C5932327 2008-10-23 [[expires: 2009-10-23]]
      Key fingerprint = DE30 6E49 939A 9870 2495  A407 D1B7 BA16 C593 2327
uid                  Kevin B. Kenny (Tcl Core Team) <>

If you're here to get the sources, do the following:

  1. Login as 'anonymous'
  2. Select 'Tags' in the toolbar above
  3. Follow the '1.0-branch' tag
  4. Follow the link to the baseline with the latest date
  5. Under 'Commands' (the last line of the 'Overview' section), select 'ZIP Archive'