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Check-ins with non-propagating tags:

14:50 [9972d7cf7d] Extend support to MSVC10. Thanks to Twylite. (user: dgp, tags: trunk, 1.0b17)
19:05 [cdee385d7b] Merge into the trunk with execute permission turned on in the configurators (user: kennykb, tags: trunk, 1.0b16)
17:03 [f23b4dd7f5] correct inadvertent fork (user: kennykb, tags: trunk, 1.0b15.1)
02:56 [6ca3665834] Changes to restore builability of all drivers under Visual C++ (plus cleanup identified in making those changes) tdbc: * aclocal.m4: Add a TEAX_PATH_LINE rule to simplify emitting the stub library paths in tdbcConfig.sh. * tools/genExtStubs.tcl (ParseImports, writeStubDeclarations): Add a new '* CONVENTION:' declaration to the stub declarations that specifies the linkage convention (e.g., __stdcall, WINAPI) that is used in an imported library. * configure.in: Add code to put the stub library path (build and (install) in the tdbcConfig.sh file so that extensions that import TDBC stubs can find it. * generic/tdbc.h: * README: Advance release to 1.0b15 * configure: autoconf-2.59    tdbcmysql: * aclocal.m4: Synchronize with tdbc. * configure.in: Advance TEA version to 3.7. Advance release to 1.0b15. Corrected the TDBC stub library specification so that it works under MSVC. * generic/mysqlStubDefs.txt: Split out the linkage convention so that genExtStubs.tcl can generate syntactically correct VC++ pointer-to-function declarations. * generic/mysqlStubInit.c: * generic/mysqlStubs.h: Regenerate * generic/tdbcmysql.c: Added code to silence VC++ warnings. * README: Advance release to 1.0b15 * tclconfig/: Advance to TEA 3.7 * configure: autoconf-2.59    tdbcodbc: * aclocal.m4: Synchronized with the 'tdbc' package. * configure.in: Advanced release to 1.0b15 and TEA version to 3.7. Added code to detect VC++ and include the stub library by path rather than with -L and -l. * generic/fakesql.h: Corrected syntax of INSTAPI specifiers. * generic/odbcStubDefs.txt: Added a CONVENTION: SQL_API line so that genExtStubs.tcl can get the syntax right on the pointer-to-function declarations. * generic/odbcStubInit.txt: Corrected syntax of INSTAPI specifiers. Regenerated. * generic/odbcStubs.h: Regenerated. * generic/tdbcodbc.c: Silenced several VC++ warnings. * README: Advanced release to 1.0b15. * tclconfig/: Advanced to TEA 3.7 * configure: autoconf-2.59    tdbcpostgres: * aclocal.m4: Synchronized with tdbc. * configure.in: Advanced version number to 1.0b15. Advanced TEA version to 3.7. Corrected the way that stub libraries are located on VC++. * generic/tdbcpostgres.c: Corrected a number of errors and warnings in the VC++ build. * README: Advanced to 1.0b15 * tclconfig/: Advanced to TEA 3.7 * configure: autoconf-2.59    tdbcsqlite3: * aclocal.m4: Synchronized with 'tdbc'. * configure.in: Advanced version to 1.0b15. Advanced TEA to 3.7. * library/tdbcsqlite3.tcl: Advanced version to 1.0b15. * README: Advanced version to 1.0b15. * tclconfig/: Advanced TEA to 3.7. * configure: autoconf-2.59    (user: kennykb, tags: trunk, 1.0b15)
22:59 [e2d1d7f671] * tools/genStubs.tcl: Revised 'genStubs' to write files in Unix format (-translation lf) so that 'make genstubs' generates the same output on Unix and Windows. * tdbcDecls.h: * tdbcStubInit.h: make genstubs * README: * configure.in: * generic/tdbc.h: Advance patchlevel to 1.0b14.1 * configure: autoconf-2.59 (user: kennykb, tags: trunk, 1.0b14, 1.0b14.1)
23:24 [f9bae25da3] -- 1.0b14 RELEASE -- (user: kennykb, tags: trunk, 1.0b14.0)
14:56 [e8ac920205] Updated recipe for release management and packager for Windows binaries to include Postgres (user: 200002852, tags: trunk, 1.0b13)
01:07 [26bb9fcd1e] Update change log, prepare for 1.0b11 (user: kennykb, tags: trunk, 1.0b11)
02:24 [44c5b4a87b] Retagged 1.0b10 (user: kennykb, tags: trunk, 1.0b10)
21:50 [3fb3d3cb0e] 1.0b8 - commit missed change to 1 failing test, sign manifest (user: kennykb, tags: trunk, 1.0b8)
22:28 [bb20ca1ef7] Added tests/tdbc.test to "make dist" (user: kennykb, tags: trunk, 1.0b7)
04:49 [4a926e130b] Added makeWinBinaries.tcl, to make Windows binary distribution (user: kennykb, tags: 1.0b6, trunk)
22:12 [46df70f083] Fixed 'make dist' rules. Advanced release to 1.0b5 (user: kennykb, tags: 1.0b5, trunk)
19:38 [86c5c9489a] Added missing MakingReleases.txt file with notes on release building (user: kennykb, tags: 1.0b4, trunk)
19:01 [9d58e36f61] Many trivial changes to ease CVS merge conflicts. Advanced version to 1.0b3 (user: kennykb, tags: 1.0b3, trunk)
17:32 [2862e8f512] Advance version numbers to 1.0b2 (user: kennykb, tags: 1.0b2, trunk)
03:21 [859ea811cc] Removed debugging line (user: 200002852, tags: 1.0b1, trunk)