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Open leaves:

09:22 [552c323414] Leaf: Modify the tokeniser so that '@' is not used for parameter binding, otherwise we can't define MS SQL stored procedures via TDBC. (user: twylite, tags: td-prism-tokenise-mod)
12:32 [d12537ca8e] Leaf: update to latest TEA (Fix Bug 3555058, add "-DNDEBUG" to CFLAGS_DEFAULT) update to latest version of nmakehlp.c (user: jan.nijtmans, tags: trunk)
15:05 [229fd6004a] Leaf: Merge from head (user: trevord, tags: td-cmake-win)
22:55 [c200c4219b] Leaf: Mark all functions in generic/mysqlNative.c as inline    In early-binding build mode all the functions in this module perform nothing more than simple accessing so they are good candidates for inlining. (user: kostix, tags: early-binding)
01:16 [06098f3881] Leaf: open a branch for Tcl 8.5 compatibility (user: kennykb, tags: tcl8.5-branch)