Check-in [cdee385d7b]
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SHA1 Hash:cdee385d7b03128c3db446bca5d63807ff0042a1
Date: 2010-09-13 19:05:47
User: kennykb
Comment:Merge into the trunk with execute permission turned on in the configurators
Tags And Properties

Changes to MakingReleases.txt

Changes to tdbc/configure

Changes to tdbc/

Changes to tdbcmysql/configure

Changes to tdbcmysql/

Changes to tdbcodbc/configure

Changes to tdbcodbc/

Execute permission set for tdbcoracle/configure

Changes to tdbcpostgres/configure

Changes to tdbcpostgres/

Changes to tdbcsqlite3/configure

Changes to tdbcsqlite3/