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SHA1 Hash:bdd8b4286262413c68d9b36954c27585e21f9c6e
Date: 2012-07-12 04:05:26
User: kennykb
Comment:Updated ChangeLogs from Nijtmans's last few changes. Restored Unix buildability of tdbc by giving Tdbc_Init a correct external declaration. Fixed two failing tests in tdbcpostgres (the tests, not the code, were bad).
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Changes to tdbc/ChangeLog

Changes to tdbc/generic/tdbc.c

Changes to tdbc/generic/tdbc.h

Changes to tdbcmysql/ChangeLog

Changes to tdbcodbc/ChangeLog

Changes to tdbcpostgres/ChangeLog

Changes to tdbcpostgres/tests/tdbcpostgres.test