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20 most recent timeline items

[9e8bf18343] Leaf: Added init/update/final subcommands for hash commands, allowing huge data to be handled. A SHA-256 hash of a file (in 64kb blocks) under Tcl 8.6b1.2 performs at about 66% of hashdeep's speed. (user: trevord, tags: trunk)
[ec4f1ee40d] Support MSVC10 in rules.vc (user: trevord, tags: trunk)
[1b12884dec] New Makefile for LTC removes the need to patch/replace LTC's makefile. Updated README to reflect current build process. (user: trevord, tags: trunk)
[2741dd1615] Experimental build configuration that brings the LTC sources under the TclCrypt package Makefile, so that compilation options, C Runtime Library, make targets, etc. work as expected. (user: trevord, tags: trunk)
[64338cbe34] Allow DLL to load under Tcl 8.5.0 or higher; fix build bugs and instructions (user: trevord, tags: trunk)
[0c98dacdf8] Updated build instructions in README; renamed LTC patches (user: trevord, tags: trunk)
22:05 • Changes to wiki page TclCrypt (user: twylite)
[f127a623cd] Progress towards a TEA-compliant build for Tclcrypt. Builds under tcl/pkgs using MSVC9 and LTC-1.17 (with patches). (user: trevord, tags: trunk)
22:18 • Changes to wiki page TclCrypt (user: twylite)
22:16 • Edit [15ab40d40c81b12c]: Edit check-in comment. Add tag "OSS-INITIAL". (user: twylite)
22:06 • Edit [9f8a5ad7cd409fbb]: Marked "Closed". Edit check-in comment. Cancel tag trunk. (user: twylite)
[15ab40d40c] Updates to build with MSVC9 against Tcl 8.5.2 / LTC 1.17. Rename to tclcrypt.    (1) Cleaned out some of the in-house build garbage from the last rev, and reverted tcltomcrypt.c to a version I was using for reference.    (2) The project is being renamed to "tclcrypt". While Tom StDennis was happy for me to use "TclTomCrypt" he did express a concern that it should be clear that he isn't responsible for answering questions. Also with uncertainty over the future of LTC it makes sense to use a more generic name.    (3) This new rev builds with the correct flags (/MD for DLLs) as opposed to earlier revs which bypassed "inconsistent dll linkage" errors in LTC by using /MT (bad). The new flags are consistent with the Tcl (dynamic) build.    (4) You'll need the MSVC90 runtime to use the tclcrypt.dll (the manifest is packed into the DLL).    Approximate original date: Wed Oct 15 2008    Update: this revision is becoming the first Open Source release of TclCrypt.    In preparing this OSS release I have had to reconstruct old versions of TclTomCrypt from various places including (numerous) .zip archives, a corrupted CVS repository, e-mails, etc. I think it's always useful and interesting to have the development history available. It helps if you have a DCVS from the outset ;)    I have retroactively corrected Copyright and license statements, added build instructions, and otherwise attempted to preserve the sources & sequence of events as accurately as possible. You should find in each checkin comment older than this one an appoximate date at which the change actually occurred. (user: twylite, tags: trunk, OSS-INITIAL)
[9f8a5ad7cd] Closed-Leaf: NON-REPEATABLE BUILD - in-house compile against modified LTC-0.91.    Approximate original date: Thu Oct 09 2008    This is a sad situation. It took months to get the Copyright release paperwork into my hands, by which point I was facing a project crunch and didn't have the time to reacquaint myself with this project. Later I found that libtom.org was unreachable and Tom is no longer maintaining LTC due to some unfortunate incidents.    To crown matters the TclTomCrypt sources were maintained in an MSVC6 project (.dsp) and built against modified Tcl/LTC sources. This meant there were no clear build instructions to work with unmodified Tcl/LTC sources, or to use a free compiler (as opposed to MSVC Professional). That wasn't a problem in January 2007 as I had automated .bat builds of Tcl 8.5b with LTC and (some versions of) TclTomCrypt ... but I cleaned up those old beta builds at some point :(    And thats all before reading up on ECCNs and the US EAR (export regulations applicable to crypto).    So faced with a pressing in-house need for updates to our support for accelerated crypto in Tcl I've adapted the latest TTC sources and given them a new (hopefully not-to-be-changed) interface, then built against our modified LTC sources.    These sources are meant for reference only - the intent is to adapt them to build under MSVC9 and against the latest (available) LibTomCrypt. (user: twylite)
[6ad49d27ee] Received word on 2007/01/12 that the Director Engineering has signed the Copyright release, but still waiting for the paperwork to reach me.    I've contacted Tom StDennis and he's happy to integrate my register-algorithms patch into LTC 1.15, which will make it easier to maintain this project.    In the mean time a SourceForge project has been registered (http://sourceforge.net/projects/tcltomcrypt) and I've checked in a README.txt and license.terms (now merged with the existing sources). Also done some playing with & setting up of the SF environment.    Approximate original date: Wed Jan 31 2007    Update: during reconstruction of the repository the license.terms was renamed to LICENSE.txt. (user: twylite, tags: trunk)
21:40 • Edit [150b44e908a321fb]: Edit check-in comment. Add tag "OSS-BASE". (user: twylite)
[5f12c666b8] Updates to prepare for Opensource release.    Some friendliness in README.txt (based on the Tcl sources), a note to fix the owner info in license.terms, a ChangeLog, a MSVC6 Makefile, and a pkgIndex file (with some extra experimental utils).    The last rev was the basis on which an application was made to the Director Engineering for a Copyright release to make this an Opensource product, so there are unlikely to be further changes before a 1.0 release. Now to wait for written approval ...    Approximate original date: Fri Nov 17 2006 (user: twylite, tags: trunk)
[150b44e908] Added RSA test sample & PKCS signature experiment    Approximate original date: Sat Oct 21 2006    This revision of the source code was submitted to the Director of Engineering to be considered for release under an Open Source license. (user: twylite, tags: trunk, OSS-BASE)
[cb9825d587] Experiments with Tcl 8.5 bignum support.    Tcl 8.5 has imported libTomMath and provides native support for big numbers. The interface has changed from Tcl8.5a3 to Tcl8.5a4 so I have targetted the newer version.    bn_extension is a basic extension DLL to experiment with Tcl_Bignum - it does nothing useful other than prototype access to BNs.    tcltomcrypt has been gutted to provide only hash functions (interface changed, again) and a new powm() for RSA support.    I've also moved the LTC algorithm registration out of tcltomcrypt.c and into LTC; this makes sense because only LTC really knows how it was compiled (and thus what algs are available). I'll approach Tom StDennis about putting this patch into 1.15.    Added documentation to tcltomcrypt.c and a LICENSE.txt file in preparation for an Opensource release - the Director of Engineering has indicated his support for the idea, now it just has to go through the bureaucracy.    Approximate original date: Sat Oct 14 2006 (user: twylite, tags: trunk)
[3d3f2333e1] Port to LibTomCrypt 1.14    Add support for more ciphers & hashes    Approximate original date: Fri Oct 13 2006 (user: twylite, tags: trunk)
[644800fdfd] Added information on CFLAGS for a debug build    Approximate original date: Tue Oct 03 2006 (user: twylite, tags: trunk)