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22:05 [15ab40d40c] Updates to build with MSVC9 against Tcl 8.5.2 / LTC 1.17. Rename to tclcrypt.    (1) Cleaned out some of the in-house build garbage from the last rev, and reverted tcltomcrypt.c to a version I was using for reference.    (2) The project is being renamed to "tclcrypt". While Tom StDennis was happy for me to use "TclTomCrypt" he did express a concern that it should be clear that he isn't responsible for answering questions. Also with uncertainty over the future of LTC it makes sense to use a more generic name.    (3) This new rev builds with the correct flags (/MD for DLLs) as opposed to earlier revs which bypassed "inconsistent dll linkage" errors in LTC by using /MT (bad). The new flags are consistent with the Tcl (dynamic) build.    (4) You'll need the MSVC90 runtime to use the tclcrypt.dll (the manifest is packed into the DLL).    Approximate original date: Wed Oct 15 2008    Update: this revision is becoming the first Open Source release of TclCrypt.    In preparing this OSS release I have had to reconstruct old versions of TclTomCrypt from various places including (numerous) .zip archives, a corrupted CVS repository, e-mails, etc. I think it's always useful and interesting to have the development history available. It helps if you have a DCVS from the outset ;)    I have retroactively corrected Copyright and license statements, added build instructions, and otherwise attempted to preserve the sources & sequence of events as accurately as possible. You should find in each checkin comment older than this one an appoximate date at which the change actually occurred. (user: twylite, tags: trunk, OSS-INITIAL)
21:30 [150b44e908] Added RSA test sample & PKCS signature experiment    Approximate original date: Sat Oct 21 2006    This revision of the source code was submitted to the Director of Engineering to be considered for release under an Open Source license. (user: twylite, tags: trunk, OSS-BASE)