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Closed leaves:

21:52 [9f8a5ad7cd] Closed-Leaf: NON-REPEATABLE BUILD - in-house compile against modified LTC-0.91.    Approximate original date: Thu Oct 09 2008    This is a sad situation. It took months to get the Copyright release paperwork into my hands, by which point I was facing a project crunch and didn't have the time to reacquaint myself with this project. Later I found that libtom.org was unreachable and Tom is no longer maintaining LTC due to some unfortunate incidents.    To crown matters the TclTomCrypt sources were maintained in an MSVC6 project (.dsp) and built against modified Tcl/LTC sources. This meant there were no clear build instructions to work with unmodified Tcl/LTC sources, or to use a free compiler (as opposed to MSVC Professional). That wasn't a problem in January 2007 as I had automated .bat builds of Tcl 8.5b with LTC and (some versions of) TclTomCrypt ... but I cleaned up those old beta builds at some point :(    And thats all before reading up on ECCNs and the US EAR (export regulations applicable to crypto).    So faced with a pressing in-house need for updates to our support for accelerated crypto in Tcl I've adapted the latest TTC sources and given them a new (hopefully not-to-be-changed) interface, then built against our modified LTC sources.    These sources are meant for reference only - the intent is to adapt them to build under MSVC9 and against the latest (available) LibTomCrypt. (user: twylite)