Check-in [f127a623cd]
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SHA1 Hash:f127a623cd49ba8c9dc27da41c569e342bfbca4a
Date: 2010-11-25 21:56:03
User: trevord
Comment:Progress towards a TEA-compliant build for Tclcrypt. Builds under tcl/pkgs using MSVC9 and LTC-1.17 (with patches).
Tags And Properties

Name change from src/cipher.cpp to generic/cipher.c

Name change from src/dllmain.cpp to generic/dllmain.c

Name change from src/hash.cpp to generic/hash.c

Name change from src/tclcrypt.h to generic/tclcrypt.h


Deleted src/

Deleted src/cipher.cpp

Deleted src/dllmain.cpp

Deleted src/hash.cpp

Deleted src/tclcrypt.h

Deleted src/tcltomcrypt.c

Changes to test/pkcs-signatures.tcl

Name change from src/ to win/

Added win/nmakehlp.c

Added win/

Added win/tclcrypt.rc