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SHA1 Hash:cb9825d587289da0136d31697189510ea4d31bc0
Date: 2009-04-08 21:28:59
User: twylite
Comment:Experiments with Tcl 8.5 bignum support.

Tcl 8.5 has imported libTomMath and provides native support for big numbers. The interface has changed from Tcl8.5a3 to Tcl8.5a4 so I have targetted the newer version.

bn_extension is a basic extension DLL to experiment with Tcl_Bignum - it does nothing useful other than prototype access to BNs.

tcltomcrypt has been gutted to provide only hash functions (interface changed, again) and a new powm() for RSA support.

I've also moved the LTC algorithm registration out of tcltomcrypt.c and into LTC; this makes sense because only LTC really knows how it was compiled (and thus what algs are available). I'll approach Tom StDennis about putting this patch into 1.15.

Added documentation to tcltomcrypt.c and a LICENSE.txt file in preparation for an Opensource release - the Director of Engineering has indicated his support for the idea, now it just has to go through the bureaucracy.

Approximate original date: Sat Oct 14 2006

Tags And Properties

Changes to README.txt

Added patches/ltc-1.14-register-algs.patch

Added src/bn_extension.c

Changes to src/tcltomcrypt.c