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SHA1 Hash:6ad49d27eeeddca7ae1e8a262f5347f3e1a9425b
Date: 2009-04-08 21:43:11
User: twylite
Comment:Received word on 2007/01/12 that the Director Engineering has signed the Copyright release, but still waiting for the paperwork to reach me.

I've contacted Tom StDennis and he's happy to integrate my register-algorithms patch into LTC 1.15, which will make it easier to maintain this project.

In the mean time a SourceForge project has been registered ( and I've checked in a README.txt and license.terms (now merged with the existing sources). Also done some playing with & setting up of the SF environment.

Approximate original date: Wed Jan 31 2007

Update: during reconstruction of the repository the license.terms was renamed to LICENSE.txt.

Tags And Properties

Changes to README.txt