Check-in [5f12c666b8]
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SHA1 Hash:5f12c666b874f5db064e9550e15038aa94255b60
Date: 2009-04-08 21:36:03
User: twylite
Comment:Updates to prepare for Opensource release.

Some friendliness in README.txt (based on the Tcl sources), a note to fix the owner info in license.terms, a ChangeLog, a MSVC6 Makefile, and a pkgIndex file (with some extra experimental utils).

The last rev was the basis on which an application was made to the Director Engineering for a Copyright release to make this an Opensource product, so there are unlikely to be further changes before a 1.0 release. Now to wait for written approval ...

Approximate original date: Fri Nov 17 2006

Tags And Properties

Changes to README.txt

Added lib/pkgIndex.tcl

Added src/