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This is the cryptdev incubator, a repository for my personal projects.

Powered by Fossil, a self-contained distributed software configuration management system.


Each branch in this repository is a project. Here are some of the main ones:


  1. Licenses

    All software in this repository is made available under an Open Source license similar to the New BSD License. In brief you may use, copy, modify and/or distribute this software for any purpose, but you must leave the Copyright notices intact, and all warranties are disclaimed.

    The exact license chosen depends on the project, and is presented in the project's "LICENSE.txt" file.

    Any of the following licenses may be used:

  2. Copyright & Licenses

    Each source file, document, resource, etc. should contain the following Copyright notice:

        Copyright (C) 2006-2008, Trevor Davel <twylite AT crypt DOT co DOT za>
        See the file "LICENSE.txt" for information on usage and redistribution of
        this file, and for a DISCLAIMER OF ALL WARRANTIES.
  3. Minor contributions

    This policy has not been completed.

  4. Legally significant contributions

    This policy has not been completed.


Twylite <twylite AT crypt DOT co DOT za>