Check-in [778432ec2c]
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SHA1 Hash:778432ec2cdb13e15cdc940798d166802820972c
Date: 2012-12-07 16:56:53
User: trevord
Comment:Fixes to build against repo trunks 2012/12/07. Support installing extension DLLs adjacent to the Tcl DLL or in the package library path. Some work towards getting the installed build identical to the NMake installed build.
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Changes to CMakeLists.txt

Changes to itcl/win/CMakeLists.txt

Changes to tcl/win/CMakeLists.txt

Changes to tdbc/tdbc/win/CMakeLists.txt

Changes to tdbc/tdbcodbc/win/CMakeLists.txt

Changes to tdbc/tdbcsqlite3/win/CMakeLists.txt

Changes to thread/win/CMakeLists.txt

Changes to tk/win/CMakeLists.txt