Check-in [308f0bc79f]
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SHA1 Hash:308f0bc79f76262a93d5a0e2f402c5407ab3880e
Date: 2012-07-22 21:09:38
User: Twylite
Comment:CMake build scripts for Tcl, Tdbc, TdbcOdbc, TdbcSqlite3, Itcl, Thread and Tk. All build against the respective trunks. Itcl, Tdbc* and Thread require patches (for unrelated bugs) to build cleanly. Tk has a manifest link error that still needs to be resolved. Tcl will need a patch to init.tcl to find package .dlls due to a changed install location.
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Added itcl/win/CMakeLists.txt

Changes to tcl/win/CMakeLists.txt

Added tdbc/tdbc/win/CMakeLists.txt

Added tdbc/tdbcodbc/win/CMakeLists.txt

Added tdbc/tdbcsqlite3/win/CMakeLists.txt

Added thread/win/CMakeLists.txt

Added tk/win/CMakeLists.txt