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Date: 2009-03-19 10:39:28
Original User: twylite


Instructions for building tclsh on Windows using NMake and COFFEE.

COFFEE v0.1 has been tested with Tcl 8.6b1 on Windows XP with MSVC6 (using NMake only), and builds a static threaded tclsh.

Build environment

You will need to download & install CMake from Ensure that the CMake bin/ directory is in your PATH.

Set up your MSVC build environment using VCVARS32.BAT and/or your platform SDK's SetEnv.Bat.

If you are using MSVC6 you will want to check that the LIBPATH environment variable is set, or use set LIBPATH=%LIB% to avoid a bunch of warnings from CMake.


Download Tcl sources from Extract the Tcl source archive into a local folder.

Download COFFEE from 80a15a1f2b (using the ZIP archive command). You may need to login first as anonymous/anonymous.

Extract COFFEE into your Tcl source folder, so that CMakeFiles.txt is in the same folder as the Tcl ChangeLog.


CMake is able to create out-of-source-tree builds, and this is the preferred way to build with CMake.

In your Tcl source folder:

  mkdir build && cd build
  cmake -G "NMake Makefiles" ..

CMake appears to perform a DEBUG build by default. You can try the following options (in your build/ folder)